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Yam Peppersoup - Ji Mmirioku


Yam pepper soup, cooked in rich meat or fish broth with local spice.


Ingredients include uziza (local black pepper), utazi leaves, uda (grains of selim), yam, fresh fish and ogiri
Igbo (a local seasoning made from castor oil or egusi).

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Ji mmiri oku is a special variation of pepper soup prepared specifically for new mothers as it is believed to
be effective in uterus cleansing after pregnancy. Native to the south-eastern region of Nigeria, commonly referred to as the Igbo’s. Some of the traditional ingredients are said to prevent fertilisation, however, it is not recommended for those planning to conceive.
Made with a variation of assorted Goat meat or fresh fish (Catfish using) the use of African spices and herbs common to the western region.

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