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Ellesu means She Knows (it all)

At Ellesu, we strive to explore the art of food making whilst stretching and manipulating its form. The beauty and the art of food making is remarkable!

We express our passion by creating & recreating what we love to do best!

Olive Onyi

The founder and creative mind behind Ellesu is a multi-talented lady who sees food beyond her usual expectations.

Olive tries to explore the length in which food can be manipulated, shorten the process length of food making and the extent in which food can be stretched and incorporated. 

Ms Onyi. is from Anambra State, Nigeria. Her passion for food dates back to her formative years, in which she tried to impress her late paternal grandmother by preparing meals for the household, with guidance from her older relatives. The only meals she could cook at that time were indomie noodles and yam and beans porridge but her range of culinary expertise has since grown to incorporate a colourful variety of foods from Nigeria and beyond.


Ellesu’s page was initially known as Ladyichasu. Over the years, we have, in addition to developing all-round, rebranded our vision and mission statements, outlined below.

Our VISION is to make cooking easy and simple for all

Our MISSION is to promote healthy eating and lifestyle to our fast rising generation

Ellesu is a platform where Olive showcases her many skills and talents, from a.) making traditional dishes made easy yet indigenously crafty, b.) developing and creating food recipes for enhancing our taste buds, c.) providing coaching and advice on the best techniques and d.) catering as well as planning dishes for both your events and your overall lifestyle goals.



Ellesu heavily promotes tradition and culture in our pursuit to globally integrate our core functions, which should not be missed. 

We also aim to preserve and ‘pass on’ traditional food, both in a West African context and beyond making cooking an experience and enjoyable by easing the processes.


Ellesu works with young and vibrate entrepreneurs from all sectors of the Industry. We are a collaborative space and we shine because we lift and support the vision

Udoka Micheal

Founder of @move.cap

Visual Analyst & Consultant

Blaise Chimdi

Founder of R.E.D marketing firm 

SEO Analyst & Consultant

Onyinyechi Blessing

Social Media Consultant

Digital Marketer

Chinyere Nwoye

Visual & Strategy Consultant

Ibukun Jedidiah

Web Developer & Analyst

Dj Igwe

Entertainment Consultant

Social Media & Content Manager 

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