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Who We Are &
What We DO

Ellesu means She Knows (it all)

At Ellesu, we strive to explore the art of food making whilst stretching and manipulating its form. The beauty and the art of food making is remarkable!

Our vision is  to simplify cooking for everyone

One Step Ahead

Why We Are The Best

Expertise: Our team of experienced chefs is dedicated to delivering culinary excellence.

Versatility: Explore a range of cooking classes, catering options, and private chef services.

Quality Ingredients: We source the finest, freshest ingredients to ensure top-notch culinary experiences.

Personalized Touch: Every class, catering event, or private chef service is customized to meet your unique needs

360 Catering Solutions

Explore Our service options

Making cooking easy and simple for all whilst promoting healthy lifestyle!

Learn All About Our CEO

Meet Ms Onyinye Olive



Ms Onyinye is from Anambra state, in Nigeria. She believes that her knowledge for food births from her paternal home town where she tried to impress her late grandmother by preparing meals for the household with the guidance of her male relatives.

My passion for food has encouraged me to share my recipes and meals with everyone. Having worked with favours fast food chains and managing my family restaurant in the south east area of London, I started Ellesu to preserve culture through food. Also to provide tasty homemade meals using tested recipes and ensuring firstly the availability of authentic West African meals. 

My aim for the future of Ellesu is to make our meals a home brand available in the global market. Home is where the heart is, where ever you are is where home is and you take a piece of home with our meals. 

Onyinye Olive


three steps to success

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Its simple and broken down in three sections.


We love food! Our passion is for an experience with ease to the process of cooking, hence our recipes! Making cooking exciting and quick to prepare. Aside from cooking, we love to entice the taste buds with flavours, spices and herbs making it a festival in the palette.


Information is paramount! Therefore we ensure that the content and quality of our videos and blog post work together for ease. Reflecting on topics of interest, showcasing our events to our wider family and keeping up to date with the ever revolving trends globally.


Ellesu host workshops and popups. Our approach births from our knowledge of our clients. In the sense that not all are adapted to the vase evolving technology advancement, and will not be able to access our online platform. We value the sense of feel and touch.

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You Deserve Our Best

with 12 years of Food & Drink experience

What's New


Chops & More Pouch
Popularly known as small chops and very present in most Nigerian parties.
If you are looking to make a difference and add some class to your event, get our pouches which are perfect for all social events

Available nationwide.


Private Chef Service 
Got a date night, in a new city, or love homemade meals? Our private chef service is for you. 
Work with our head chef to curate a menu for your special occasion or trip. The food will be made from the comfort of your home
Available to travel.

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