We are African! Our origin is African from the Western coast of Africa. We would like to take you on a tour of various cuisine from the mother land.We love culture, tradition and quality and fresh food that promotes a healthy and better life.


Food is all about exploitation.
At Ellesu, we explore and exploit the stretch and knowledge of western cuisine. Our display of recipes that are Inspired, developed and tested recipes of the western dish, methods and ingredients .


Taking on challenges, either physical, spiritual, mental or emotional, Ellesu is all about growth and support in what ever direction your take. Here we highlight recipes that has helped maintain a smooth lifestyle change and enhanced adaptation for maintenance.


Usually reffered to as the side dish in Nigeria.


Paired up dish had with meal.


Sauce based dish pair with a main dish.


Healthy hearty meals specified.


Lets explore what Vegan is all about.


Sweet tooth nation, this is for you.


Fist meal of the day ideas.


Work meal ideas or afternoon brunch.


Meals ideas for possible date night.


Fist meal of the day ideas


Work meal ideas or afternoon brunch.


Meals ideas for possible date night

Some Of Our Favourite Recipes

Isi-ewu is a local Eastern cuisine of Nigeria. Native to the Igbo tribe. This is referred to as a street food as it is made best at the local stalls known as 'Joint' in Nigeria.
This dish is a meal to ednd the week or a means for pals or business men to come together to dine.

Isi-ewu simply means Head Goat (Goat head). Made by using this part.
Cottage pie is a traditional English dish made with creamy mash and tomato sauced minced meat.

Any choice of protein can be used, I particularly prefer a mixture of poultry, pork and beef. I believe the mixture of flavour enhances the flavour and taste.

Share your thoughts with us, Ellesu values your views
Cottage Pie
English Cuisine
Jambalaya is an inspired dish from the region of West African, France and Spain. Infused together by Americans to derive this dish.
A mixture of 'Jollof rice' and 'Paella' This dish is very flavourful and rice as it has a mixture of protein.

Ellesu introduces kidney beans to her recipe to give a Caribbean flare.

Our Promise

We aim to bring you developed and tested recipes that will be beneficial to your general health and well being.
If you are currently on a normal standard, diet or low carbs, high protein, vegan or vegetarian diet, then our platform is for you.
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