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Our first Zoom class was held on Sunday, 10 May 2020. This was schedule for two(2) hours to take on questions and answers during the class. 

A total of 63 people signed up for the launch of our online cooking school. Our aim for this is to give a one to one personal touch to our followers on pondering questions they would have about certain dishes they are learning to make or they have made but have challenges with getting the final outcome. 

Ellesu cooking school is tailored for you and your needs, to get all your questions answered as well as to explain the purpose of each item used in cooking and the benefits. Self sufficiency is our key and motor to this part of Ellesu brand, we aim to help develop our clients develop theirs skills and kitchen ethic, modified to best suit health needs, background and passed on to future generations.

If you would like to participate in our group online classes please drop us an email to update you on our available dates. We also provide one to one online classes. Email us at


Mena J
Mena J
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Thank you and well done. Rice tasted good will be using recipe
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Well. Done on the cooking cooking class, I enjoyed it and learnt a lot xx
C Nwoye
C Nwoye
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Great session today. Thumbs up👍 you smashed it!
Ade o
Ade o
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Thank you ma'am. The class was fire!! I always wandered how people achieve the smokey jollof without cooking with firewood. I learn how it is done yesterday!!

Watch the video classes here......

Participants joined in for various countries globally, we had presence from Dubai, Lagos, London, Canada and United States. Onyi introduced herself as the founder of Ellesu Serivces and touched on the aim of the brand. She has a combination of 12 years experience in Hospitality and Food Retail combined. 

The objective of the class was to teach people how to get the Smokey Party Jollof rice from the comfort of their homes without the use of firewood.  Jollof rice is a staple dish in Nigerian and Party Jollof is an advanced level of making the national dish. Jollof is a rice dish cooked in a deep red sauce comprising of peppers, onions, tomatoes, spices and herbs. It can be cooked in several ways, either parboiling the rice or cooking it raw. To avoid stories that tell, I would advise to adopt the method of using raw washed rice. The benefits are the rice takes on the colour of sauce fully giving it the deep red colour and water can be be controlled which will result to a less sticky rice.

We will be hosting our next popup class, please watch out or join our mailing list. Thank you. 

Kuzi 2021

Cooking school is back and better, enrolled now for our soup session where we teach you how to make a selected traditional soup.



Some  pictures shared with us by participants  zoom.  Please share your pictures and tag us using #Ellesucookingschool #CookwithEllesu and #Ellesu to get featured on our stories.


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